3 Reasons Why Cats Are Hilarious

funnycatOriginally, cats were kept to chase rats and mice and to keep them away from homes. Over the years, human being has shown all kinds of emotions towards cats like love, hatred and so on. This is the reason why cats remain to be man’s best friend. The following are 3 reasons why cats are hilarious:

1. They are independent.

Most cats are independent. This means that you can actually leave them for a while. You can take a short vacation and leave them at home. You just need to ensure that your cat has plenty of food and water so that it can survive. Most animals require attention from time to time. However, if you have a cat as your pet, you do not have to be there all the time. It can survive on its own as long as there is food, water and shelter.

2. Cats have a strong sense of smell.

You will realize that cats have a strong sense of smell, which is fourteen times stronger than that of human beings. In addition, their vision is very powerful during nighttime since they can view light at levels that are six times less than what we can see.

3. Cats are natural hunters.

Cats are natural-born predators. You will realize that most cats normally hunt rats, mice and other small animals. This is because they have flexible bodies and teeth that are designed to hunt those animals.

Cats are ideal pets for senior and less active pet parents. They are low on maintenance and do not suffer from separation anxiety when the family is away at work or school. The independent personality allows cats to live peacefully on their own. Those are the 3 reasons why cats are hilarious creatures.

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