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3 Reasons Why Cats Are Hilarious

funnycatOriginally, cats were kept to chase rats and mice and to keep them away from homes. Over the years, human being has shown all kinds of emotions towards cats like love, hatred and so on. This is the reason why cats remain to be man’s best friend. The following are 3 reasons why cats are hilarious:

1. They are independent.

Most cats are independent. This means that you can actually leave them for a while. You can take a short vacation and leave them at home. You just need to ensure that your cat has plenty of food and water so that it can survive. Most animals require attention from time to time. However, if you have a cat as your pet, you do not have to be there all the time. It can survive on its own as long as there is food, water and shelter.

2. Cats have a strong sense of smell.

You will realize that cats have a strong sense of smell, which is fourteen times stronger than that of human beings. In addition, their vision is very powerful during nighttime since they can view light at levels that are six times less than what we can see.

3. Cats are natural hunters.

Cats are natural-born predators. You will realize that most cats normally hunt rats, mice and other small animals. This is because they have flexible bodies and teeth that are designed to hunt those animals.

Cats are ideal pets for senior and less active pet parents. They are low on maintenance and do not suffer from separation anxiety when the family is away at work or school. The independent personality allows cats to live peacefully on their own. Those are the 3 reasons why cats are hilarious creatures.

And an awesome video:

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Why You Need a Savannah Cat Right Now!

savannah catsIf you are one that loves the finer things in life, then you most definitely need a savannah cat because they are the most luxurious breed of cats in the whole world. Savannah cats are a crossing of a wild African Serval to, apparently, a domestic cat. The result to this cross is a large cat with a fierce and wild appearance. However, don’t let it fool you because these cats are actually very tamed and they act domestic.

The first cross between a domestic cat to an African Serval was actually unplanned by Judy Frank way back 1986. The word that a new breed of cats have been created slowly spread. As soon as animal breeder, Joyce Sroufe, heard the news in the mid 90s, she began her very own breeding program. As for the rest of the story, it is history. This was how the breed of savannah cats was born.

In 1997, a breed standard for savannah cats have been established because the inception of these cats had grown tremendously. Fortunately, the TICA or The International Cat Association accepted Joyce Sroufe’s proposal.

Savannah cats are beautiful creatures with their big ears, long legs, slender bodies, and amazing spots. These cats are the most exciting pets to have because they are only being bred by a select number of breeders all over the world. As of this moment, there are still a handful of live savannah cats which is why the demand is very high.

How big can a savannah cat get?

Savannah cats possess a letter F accompanied by a number on its official papers. This is because most pet lovers would want to know how many generations a particular savannah cat is from its African Serval ancestors.

F1 means first generation or 50 percent Serval; F2 means second generation or 25 percent Serval; F3 is third generation or 12.5 percent Serval.

Can a savannah cat live well with other pets and kids?

The answer is an astounding YES! As soon as you get a savannah kitten home, it will try to mimic its environment. If it is raised with well-behaved pets and kids, the kitten will thrive in the place. You will even see them cuddling or sleeping together with the other animals or with the kids.

Diet and Health Care

You can give your savannah cat some raw or cooked meat. A savannah kitten will do very well with canned wet food with supplemented high-quality dry cat food. Just try to avoid giving your cats grocery-bought cat food because they are of very low quality and they contain a lot of fillers.

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